Haunting: The Dusty Chronicles by BJ Sheldon

One of the amazing authors I had the pleasure to meet at UtopYA 2013 in Nashville, TN was the beautiful BJ Sheldon. I have the pleasure of sharing the new book trailer for her award winning novel “Haunting: The Dusty Chronicles

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 About the Book:

Haunting is a recipient of the Reader’s Favorite Silver Medal. After a family tragedy, 15-year-old Dusty Vermeer has to start her sophomore year in a new town and a new school. Rural Iowa introduces her to Mark, a charming football player. Dusty can hardly believe her heart. Then, to her surprise Dusty meets another guy. The chemistry between Dusty and Jack could spark a prairie fire on a rainy day. The only problem? Jack’s dead. The handsome soldier comes to Dusty in her dreams and introduces her to the horrors of a foreign battlefield and the enchantments of first love. While Dusty tries to balance her feelings for the two new guys in her life, Jack steps out of Dusty’s dreams and into her reality. And he wants something. Jack has no memory of how he died more than half a century ago. Dusty vows to uncover the mystery, but her quest for justice puts her in the path of evil, a force that won’t stop until she’s silenced.


About the Author:

BJS Profile

BJ Sheldon was born in Sioux City, Iowa, in 1972. Adopted thirteen days later, BJ grew up just outside of Hull, Iowa on a farm until the age of fourteen when she moved with her parents to Phoenix, Arizona. Her father did various odd jobs before retiring as a freight hauler, and her mother was a homemaker, later starting her own business professionally cleaning homes. BJ graduated from Phoenix Christian High School in 1990, later briefly attending Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa. Throughout junior high and high school, she could be found constantly writing poems, short stories, and novelettes.

BJ was first married at the age of 20 and moved with her husband to Glendale, Arizona. Together they had two beautiful daughters, at which time she put her writing aspirations aside to become a full-time purchasing assistant, wife, and mother. In 1999, she decided to add full-time student to her already busy schedule and graduated with a degree in project management from the University of Phoenix. Divorcing in 2001, BJ moved back to Phoenix and got a job as a program manager.

BJ later married Steven Sheldon, her muse, in 2003, and together they welcomed their daughter in 2004. In 2005, her husband left for basic training to become a soldier in the US Army Reserves.

In 2009, BJ lost her job and remained unemployed for nine months. During that time, she once again discovered her love for writing and wrote her first, full-length novel for her daughter’s fifteenth birthday called, “Schuyler and the Saga of the Sages”. Unable to find an agent, BJ started looking for an idea for her next novel. One night, after a conversation with her husband about ghosts, her old farmhouse back in Iowa, and stories about ghosts she’d heard from friends and family, an idea was born and the rest was history. Over the course of the next eighteen months, BJ developed the plot and wrote “Haunting”, a story about a teenage girl who discovers that the ghost who is haunting both her farm and her dreams has a mysterious past.

In 2011, BJ was awarded a silver medal in the Reader’s Favorite Award Contest in the Young Adult/Fantasy category and was the only book in that genre to win an award without being a previously published work. Her hope is to one day attend a book signing in her hometown in Iowa where she first developed her love of words.

She currently lives in South Dakota with her husband, Steven, who is now a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, along with her three daughters, dog and cats. Her favorite authors include Richard Russo, Nicholas Sparks, Isaac Marion, Suzanne Collins, JK Rowling and Guy De’Maupassant.


Where You Can Find BJ Sheldon:

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